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PDII - Professional DetailingWeek Ended: 1/27/01
Price 98.86 P/E Ratio 61.40 52 Week High 142.00
Last Week + 4.38 Earnings Date 2/01/01 52 Week Low 18.00
Picked At 89.94 Date Picked 1/21/01 Sector Services
Current 98.86 Open 94.75 Change 4.67
Low 93.91 High 98.86 Volume 132,500

Company Description

Professional Detailing, Inc. provides customized product detailing programs and other marketing and promotional services to the United States pharmaceutical industry. For the 9 mos. ended 9/30/00, revenues rose 86% to $231.4M. Net income totaled $16.2M, up from $7.5M. Revenues reflect renewal and expansion of existing product detailing programs. Earnings also benefitted from higher gross profit realized on incentive payments.

Play Description

January 21, 2001

PDII is a promotional firm that creates marketing and sales strategies for the domestic pharmaceutical industry. Some of their more successful campaigns include, Flonase, Prilosec and Wellbutrin. This is evidently a profitable business. PDII is expected to post a profit of $1.91/share for all of 2000. PDII is expected to grow earnings by another 48% this year. December was a tough month for the share price of PDII. The stock was almost cut in half without the benefit of a split. The stock fell from its all time high of $142.00 and eventually found some very good support at $63.00. PDII is currently consolidating in the $80's but could be on the verge of a breakout to at least the 50-DMA of $105.00. One possible trigger for a rally could be a split announcement. PDII does not have any split history but we feel that the share price is high enough to justify a split announcement. Also in our fovor is the fact that the MACD is on the verge of triggering a buy signal. This will likely occur if PDII can close above $91.75. The RSI is telling us that there is plenty of rally room before the stock becomes overbought. Please note that PDII has a very small float (13 million shares), which can result in some big price swings.

Picked on January 21st @ $89.94
Change since picked +0.00
Stop Loss @ $82.50


January 25, 2001

The name of this company implies that it would be a good place to go to get pinstripes on your car. However, PDII is a place to go to get your pharmaceutical products expertly promoted and marketed. It has been a huge week for PDII's customers. Several major drug companies including, Merck (NYSE:MRK), Pfizer (NYSE:PFE) and Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) reported excellent earnings. These companies, and others, will be able to plow those profits back into research and development, which should lead to a strong pipeline of new drugs. The more new drugs that come out, the more potential business for PDII. Professional Detailing's stock did an excellent job of bracing itself against the wave of NASDAQ profit taking today. The stock held its up trend line, which should provide support tomorrow at $92.50. Please note that we have raised our stop to just below this support. PDII does appear poised to take a shot at $100.00 again, and perhaps to even test resistance offered by the 50-DMA at $103.72. The MACD issued a buy signal earlier this week and the RSI has plenty of room to rally.

Picked on January 21st @ $89.94
Change since picked +4.25
Stop Loss @ $92.00

January 23, 2001

Professional Detailing is a very successful strategic partner for many pharmaceutical companies who wish to outsource their marketing campaigns. By relying on PDII to get the "word" out, drug companies can focus on what they do best, R&D and production. It is starting to look like the share price of PDII is ready to make a charge towards the psychological resistance of $100.00. The stock has been entrenched in a consolidation mode ever since it dropped from its all-time high of $142.00 and bottomed at $63.00. A 50% retracement of the decline would take the stock to at least $102.50. A little extra push would take the stock to the 50-DMA of $104.75. Last week's low of $84.50 should provide some good support. The first level of support is just below today's low of $90.13. As predicted in our last report, the MACD has turned positive and has triggered a buy signal.

Picked on January 21st @ $89.94
Change since picked +3.31
Stop Loss @ $82.50


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