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STOCK SPLITS > New Candidates Sunday, December 24, 2000

AMRI - Albany Molecular Research, Inc. $63.13 (+5.81) This chemical outsourcing company has moved higher this year on the heels of the surge in pharmaceutical stock prices. This makes good common sense, as AMRI's customers are the big drug companies. The stock has worked its way back into historic split range and we are targeting its next earnings release on 02/01 as a likely event for the next split announcement.

APOL - Apollo Group, Inc. $47.75 (+14.31) Apollo Group specializes in adult learning for working adults. Hopefully we will learn something about making money from this higher educational service provider, as it rocketed to new highs just recently and looks poised to announce another split. APOL last announced a 3:2 split on 04/09/98 at $50.56/share. The company has a history of announcing splits at BoD meetings, but just in case, we will look to its unofficial earnings release date in March as a possible announcement event.

BRL - Barr Laboratories, Inc. $72.00 (-0.63) Barr Labs tacked on $30 in one day back in August of this year and has never looked back. The maker of generic drugs has certainly held up well under the duress of the current bear market. We like the chances of this company announcing another 3:2 split at its next earnings release on 01/23/01. It last announced a 3:2 split at $53.88/share on 05/31/00 at a BoD meeting, although it has announced at an earnings releases in the past.

GDW - Golden West Financial $67.69 (+6.63) Golden West has been on a northerly tract since January of this year. The savings and loan holding company has broken out to new highs recently on the anticipation of rate cuts out of the Fed. GDW last split announced a 3:1 split on 11/02/99 at $43.25. As witnessed by its current price of around $68/share, we believe that it is time for GDW to consider another split. A split announcement will have to come with approval of more authorized shares, as GDW does not currently have enough shares to split. Therefore we will keep a close eye out for the next BoD meeting as a target for an announcement.

WWY - William Wrigley Jr. Co. $92.69 (+3.63) Wrigley, part of the defensive food sector, has bubbled higher this year on the heels of the NASDAQ train wreck. As it nears $100/share, another split becomes more likely. WWY last split 3:1 at $107.50 on 09/15/92. WWY does have enough authorized shares to enact another 3:1, so we are anticipating another 3:1 out of the next earnings release on 01/24/01.


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