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STOCK SPLITS > New Candidates Sunday, December 17, 2000

RE - Everest Re Group, Ltd. $65.25 (-1.38) Although this stock does not have split history, we believe that due to its steady move higher this year, its current price justifies a split. The company has been surfing the same wave that has carried all the insurance stocks higher. The property and casualty reinsurance firm will be unofficially reporting earnings the last week in January. We believe that this would be a likely trigger event for a 2:1 split announcement.

SAWS - Sawtek, Inc. $65.00 (-10.06) Sawtek's products are used in a wide variety of digital wireless systems, digital microwave, cable and digital LAN's. The mover and shaker within the communications arena last announced a split at $65.63 during an earnings release. Although the stock is currently off its recent highs, we believe it is still well within its historic split range. Sawtek's next earnings report (our target for the announcement) is scheduled for 1/25/01.

PNC - PNC Financial Services $66.56 (+0.50) The diversified financial services company has wondered back into split territory after plummeting at the end of last year. PNC last split at $54.50 back in November of 1992. The trigger event for the announcement back then was a Board of Directors meeting. We are targeting the company's next earnings release on 1/18/01 as the most likely time for an announcement.


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