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STOCK SPLITS > New Candidates Sunday, December 10, 2000

AIG - American Int'l Group $103.69 (+6.25) The giant insurance company has been on a strong up trend since March of this year. Although AIG just rewarded shareholders with a 3:2 split on 07/28/00 at $128.31, it has returned to split-levels once again. AIG has had a history of announcing at BoD meetings, so we will keep a close eye on the meetings calendar in order to keep you abreast of trading opportunities. Having said this, AIG's last announcement broke trend and came at an earnings release. So, it is not unrealistic to consider the next earnings release on 01/25/01 as a possible split announcement date as well.

JKHY - Jack Henry & Associates $60.50 (+4.00) The provider of computer services to the financial community last announced a 2:1 split at $57.25 a share on 01/31/00. Since then, the stock has moved higher due to the increased upgrading of computer systems within commercial banks. We see a split announcement becoming increasingly likely at current price levels, although the company needs to authorize more shares before a split is feasible. We will keep a lookout for JKHY BoD meetings or SEC filings with increased shares on the agenda.

TEVA - Teva Pharmaceutical $69.19 (+0.94) The Israeli drug company just announced a 2:1 split on February 14th of this year at $71.88/share. Because of a strong up trend in most all drug stocks, TEVA is right back at split-levels. It has enough authorized shares to go through with a 3:2 split and has a history of announcing splits at both BoD meetings and earnings announcements. It just had a BoD meeting in November, so we are anticipating a split announcement to coincide with the next earnings release unofficially set for February.


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