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Additions, Predicted & Expected List
Sunday, October 22, 2000

NEW SPLIT CANDIDATES / MOMENTUM STOCKS 10/23 - 10/27 strives to be the very best at identifying profitable split candidates and momentum stocks. Every week we will list those whom have made the cut. You can view the details of these new candidates by checking out the complete profile for each stock at the website.

New Play Candidates:

CEFT           Concord EFT
PPL            Ppl Corporation
TGH            Trigon Healthcare, Inc.
WWY            Wm. Wrigley CO.

Successful Announcement Predictions For The Past Week
Symbol Company Day Announced
ITWO i2 Technologies, Inc. 10/17 IWOV Interwoven, Inc. 10/17 ABK Ambac Financial Group 10/18 DCTM Documentum 10/19 EPNY E.piphany, Inc. 10/19 PHCC Priority Healthcare 10/19 PVN Providian Financial 10/19

Expected/Likely Announcements For The Coming Week
Day Expected Symbol Company To Announce*
SANM Sanmina Corporation 10/23 CGP The Coastal Corp. 10/24 NBR Nabors Industries, Inc. 10/24 UNH United Healthcare 10/24 AVIR Aviron 10/25 CEFT Concord EFS 10/25 MMC Marsh McLennan 10/25 TNL Technitrol, Inc. 10/25 WLP Wellpoint Health 10/25 WWY Wm. Wrigley CO. 10/25 ADRX Andrx Corporation 10/26 AGC American General 10/26 APA Apache Corporation 10/26 APC Andarko Petroleum 10/26 CB The Chubb Corporation 10/26 DVN Devon Energy 10/26 GILD Gilead Sciences, Inc. 10/26 PPL Ppl Corporation 10/27 UNH United Healthcare 10/27

*Date expected to announce is a rough estimate. Corporate management is not exempt from using a split announcement to buoy the stock price if negative news (or earnings) is affecting their stock price. Additionally, there is still the uncommon trend of a delayed split announcement post-earnings.


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