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Additions, Predicted & Expected List
Sunday, October 15, 2000

NEW SPLIT CANDIDATES / MOMENTUM STOCKS 10/16 - 10/20 strives to be the very best at identifying profitable split candidates and momentum stocks. Every week we will list those whom have made the cut. You can view the details of these new candidates by checking out the complete profile for each stock at the website.

New Play Candidates:

AIV            Apartment Investment & Mngmt.
BK             Bank of New York
CAL            Continental Airlines
CG             Columbia Energy
EAT            Brinker International
IFIN           Investors Financial Services
PEG            Public Service Group
PNC            PNC Bank Corporation
RKY            Adolph Coors Company
SDS            Sungard Data Systems, Inc.
SYY            Sysco Corporation
TDS            Telephone & Data Systems
ZION           Zions Bankcorporation

Successful Announcement Predictions For The Past Week
Symbol Company Day Announced
AMCC Applied Micro Circuits 10/11 EV Eaton Vance Corp. 10/11 TLB Talbots, Inc. 10/11

Expected/Likely Announcements For The Coming Week
Day Expected Symbol Company To Announce*
BK Bank of New York 10/16 CAL Continental Airlines 10/16 CG Columbia Energy 10/16 NTRS Northern Trust Corp. 10/16 ABK AMBAC Financial 10/17 ANEN Anaren Microwave 10/17 CY Cypress Semiconductor 10/17 DV DeVry Incorporated 10/17 ENE Enron Corporation 10/17 FRX Forest Labs 10/17 GELX Geltex Pharmaceutical 10/17 IFIN Investors Financial 10/17 ITWO i2 Technologies Inc. 10/17 IWOV Interwoven Inc. 10/17 JNJ Johnson & Johnson 10/17 LM Legg Mason 10/17 MERQ Mercury Interactive 10/17 PEG Public Service Group 10/17 TDS Telephone & Data Systems 10/17 AIV Apartment Inv & Mgmnt 10/18 BRCM Broadcom Corporation 10/18 CHKP Check Point Software 10/18 DUK Duke Energy Corp. 10/18 IDPH IDEC Pharmaceuticals 10/18 IDTI Integrated Device Tech 10/18 LVLT Level 3 Communications 10/18 MACR Macromedia, Inc. 10/18 MRX Medicis Pharmaceutical 10/18 NEWP Newport Corporation 10/18 NOC Northrop Grumman Corp 10/18 PMI The PMI Group, Inc. 10/18 STJ St. Jude Medical 10/18 SWCM, Inc. 10/18 SYY Sysco Corporation 10/18 VTSS Vitesse Semiconductor 10/18 DGX Quest Diagnostics 10/19 EAT Brinker International 10/19 FPC Florida Progress Corp. 10/19 FPL FPL Group, Inc. 10/19 OAT Quaker Oats Company 10/19 PKI PerkinElder, Inc. 10/19 PNC PNC Bank Corporation 10/19 PVN Providian Financial 10/19 RKY Adolph Coors Company 10/19 SGR The Shaw Group, Inc. 10/19 SDS Sungard Data Systems 10/19 AGN Allergan, Inc. 10/20 DCTM Documentum, Inc. 10/20 ZION Zions Bankcorporation 10/20

*Date expected to announce is a rough estimate. Corporate management is not exempt from using a split announcement to buoy the stock price if negative news (or earnings) is affecting their stock price. Additionally, there is still the uncommon trend of a delayed split announcement post-earnings.


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