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STOCK SPLITS > New Candidates Sunday, June 10, 2001

CACI - CACI International $42.37 (+1.37)

Stock prices continue to reach for uncharted territory for the last three months with an accompanying increase in volume. With the company recently receiving a $14.5 billion contract with the Navy, we anticipate that this trend may continue. The current range of $40-$45 is at prior split-levels. There are 40 million shares authorized and 11.3 outstanding, plenty of room for a split with the next BoD meeting or with Q4 earnings due out next month.

DFXI - Direct Focus, Inc. $40.52 (+5.99)

Direct Focus announced a 3:2 split in June 2000 at $44 and again in January 2001 at $45. Once again, prices aren't far off from those levels so we're going to keep a close watch on this stock. There are 75 million shares authorized and 23 million outstanding - just right for at least a 3:2 split. In recent news, DFXI was ranked number 2 on Business Week's listing of "Hot Growth Companies." That can't hurt.

EPIQ - EPIQ Systems $32.30 (+0.75)

EPIQ announced its last split in February when the stock was trading at $23.63. Prices continue to make new 52-week highs this year with accompanying volume. With the stock trading at $30, we feel that it may be time for at least a 3:2 split. Watch for an announcement with the next BoD meeting or earnings.

RMD - ResMed, Inc. $53.80 (-0.58)

The RMD Board of Directors likes to announce 2:1 splits at the $50-$65 level. With prices currently at $55, we'll keep a close watch for upcoming meetings. There are 100M shares authorized and 31 million are outstanding, therefore a shareholder meeting would not have to preclude execution of the next split. The next earnings release is expected during the first week of August.

IDPH - IDEC Pharmaceuticals $71.66 (+9.93)

IDEC has let prices get as high as $178 (last November) before announcing a split, but a rare 3:1 was delivered at that time. Current prices are at $73 but are on a tremendous uptrend this year. The real kicker here is that IDEC shareholders just boosted the number of authorized shares from 200M to 500M. Watch for the next split announcement with earnings the third week of July or with an impromptu BoD meeting.


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