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STOCK SPLITS > New Candidates Sunday, May 27, 2001

AAS - AmeriSource Health Corp $55.41 (-0.02)

AmeriSource has been on a steady up trend for a year, with a range running up from $22.88 to $57.97. March of 1999 was the last split announcement at which time the stock was trading at $74.75. We've got a ways to go before that point, but the company is showing some potential; we're going to keep them on our radar screen for a possible play recommendation. The last BoD meeting we have listed for AAS was in November 2000; the next earnings release will be at the end of July.

AEPI - AEP Industries $64.50 (+1.81)

This plastic packaging manufacturer hit a new 52-week high of $68.05 on 5/21 and, in fact, has seen gains of 50 points since last June. The last split was at about $18 so we can be fairly certain of a split announcement in the near-term. We are looking towards the firm's next earnings release date on 6/11 as a likely time for at least a 3:2 announcement. With 30 million shares authorized and only 8 million outstanding, anything goes.

COF - Capital One Financial $67.23 (+0.66)

This financial company has seen strong gains over the last two months, with current prices exceeding those of the last split announcement in 1999 at $58. There's some strong resistance at the $72-73 range but another split could help alleviate that issue. We expect to hear from COF at their next BoD meeting or with their next earnings report in July.

EV - Eaton Vance Corp $37.63 (+0.35)

The last three split announcements we received from Eaton Vance occurred within the $44-48 range. If the stock continues to close in on those prices, we can anticipate the next announcement with either a BoD meeting or next quarter's earnings release.

IRF - International Rectifier $63.31 (+0.42)

This specialized semiconductor company announced its last stock split in 1995 when shares were trading at about $50. With prices currently exceeding that, we expect another split to occur if these levels hold. Look to either July's earnings report or with the next BoD meeting.

MTG - MGIC Investment Corp $66.84 (-1.07)

MTG is an insurance holding company who's stock has seen 19 point gains just in the last five months. The previous stock split was announced at $82 four years ago and as prices close in on those levels again, we'd like to be prepared for any lucrative opportunities. With 300 million shares authorized and 107 million outstanding, there's ample room for a 2:1. The next earnings release will be around July 11.

NVDA - NVIDIA Corp. $91.70 (+5.40)

This semiconductor company was just inducted to the Nasdaq-100 and the Nasdaq-100 Tracking Stock (QQQ) on Thursday, which only confirms our feelings of an impending split announcement. NVDA has had good momentum to the upside and share prices are just about on top of the last split level of $94. NVDA just announced earnings so we'll watch for the next quarter's report or a BoD meeting as a trigger.


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