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STOCK SPLITS > New Candidates Sunday, April 01, 2001

ADVP - AdvancePCS $54.25 (+1.44)

ADVP last announced a 2:1 split back in July of 1999 when the stock was trading at $50.25/share. One look at this healthcare management provider will confirm that ADVP is right back into split territory and then some. We are targeting ADVP's earnings release date of 5/10 as the next likely time for a split announcement.

HF - Heller Financial, Inc. $35.15 (+0.66)

Heller has been making new highs on increasing volume and is closing in on the key $40 split level for the financial industry. The company has 500 million shares authorized and 46 million outstanding. Although the company has never split its shares before, we are anticipating a 3:2 split announcement out of the company's next earnings release date of 4/19.

LEN - Lennar Corporation $39.86 (+1.09)

This skyrocketing homebuilder last spilt its shares 3:2 in 1994 at around $33/share. With its recent burst, the stock is now above $40, which is well into split territory. Its next earnings announcement isn't until June, so we will keep an eye out for a BoD in the mean time as far as a probable time for another 3:2 split announcement.

SRCL - Stericycle, Inc. $44.63 (+4.75)

This medical waste service company has been on a roll this year. It is up 46% from mid January and just made a new high this past week. While SRCL has never split its shares, we feel it has entered historical split-levels for the healthcare industry. It has 30 million shares authorized and 15 million outstanding. We feel a 3:2 split could be in the cards when the company reports earnings on 5/28.

TARO - Taro Pharmaceutical $43.81 (+1.43)

Taro has been trending higher at a 45-degree angle since June of last year. Now that it has breached the $40 level, we feel it is time to anticipate a split announcement. The company has 50 million shares authorized and only 10 million outstanding so a 2:1 could be on the horizon. We are looking ahead to Taro's earnings report date of 5/24 as the next probable time for a split announcement.


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