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STOCK SPLITS > New Candidates Sunday, February 11, 2001

ASFC - Astoria Financial Corp. $55.88 (+3.13)
Astoria has just broken to new highs and now trades above $50/share. We feel it could split it shares 2:1 at its next earnings release, unofficially scheduled for 4/19/01. The company has plenty of authorized shares and is at historical spit-levels for its industry.

LAB - LaBranche & Co., Inc. $45.85 (+0.40)
LaBranche has benefited from the change in NYSE trading from sixteenths to pennies. LAB provides NYSE specialist services and has just recently rocketed to new highs. The company has 49 million shares issued and 200 million authorized, so a 2:1 split may be in the cards for LAB. It reports earnings unofficially on 4/23, which would be a dandy time to reward shareholders with a split announcement.


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