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STOCK SPLITS > New Candidates Sunday, February 04, 2001

BJ - BJ's Wholesale Club, Inc. $41.49 (+2.74)
BJ has been trending higher since early November. The stock just broke out to new highs this week and appears to have some good institutional support behind it. The company last announced a 2:1 split back on 02/04/99 at $43.31. With earnings approaching on February 27th, we feel BJ could certainly split once again.

JEC - Jacobs Engineering Group $50.76 (+5.51)
JEC has benefited from the boom in construction, as evidenced by its new 52-week high achieved on Friday. Although the stock has never split, with its share price now above $50, it is now pops up our radar screen. The company has plenty of authorized shares to enact a 2:1 split and reports earnings unofficially on 4/18/01.

PSS - Payless Shoesource, Inc. $69.66 (-0.09)
You will be paying more, not less for Payless stock if you want to purchase it now. The stock is up 55% from its year- 2000 low of $38.75 and has just recently notched a 52-week high. PSS does not have a split history, but its share price is getting mighty lofty for the retail sector. For this reason, and also because it has enough authorized shares, we feel it could split 2:1 at its next BoD meeting or earnings announcement, scheduled for 2/21/01.

SFNT - SafeNet, Inc. $56.75 (+12.87)
SafeNet is a network security solutions provider and has also just closed in on new 52-week highs. With a current float of only 6 million shares, SFNT may want to set a split to attract more investors. Currently, with such a small float, trade in the stock has been very volatile. Ten point swings are definitely not out of the question in this rock and roll security play.

TWTC - Time Warner Telecom, Inc. $77.56 (+3.12)
Time Warner Telecom has been quietly forging ahead and is closing in on its all time high near $90. The stock just broke out of a wide seven-month base on good volume and doesn't have much resistance on the way to its old high. It has enough shares to go through with a 2:1, so keep an eye on this telecom play.


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