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STOCK SPLITS > New Candidates Sunday, January 21, 2001

AC - Alliance Capital Management Holding $55.31 (+5.00)
Alliance has just gapped higher to notch a new 52-week high. The stock has split twice before around the $50 level. The investment company reports earnings on February 5th, which is our target for their next split announcement.

DPMI - Dupont Photomask Inc. $72.56 (+3.69)
The maker of equipment for use in making semiconductors has rocketed higher on positive comments out of Intel; indicating that its going to be opening its pocketbook next year to buy capital equipment. DPMI has never split before but given that it is closing in on $80 and new highs, we feel it could announce at its next quarter's earnings release.

EMLX - Emulex Corporation $101.13 (+13.38)
If you feel like EMLX just split, it did. The stock last announced a split at $108 on 10/6/00. Since then, it has not let up, bolting higher this week on the heels of good earnings and upgrades. Their next earnings aren't reported until April, so we will keep an eye out for a BoD meeting in the mean time.

KMP - Kinder Morgan Energy $59.69 (+4.00)
Kinder has been reaching new highs for the past week. Now nearing $60, it is well within traditional split range for its industry. We will keep an eye out for its next official earnings release date as a likely time for a 2:1 split announcement.

PII - Polaris Industries, Inc. $44.00 (+1.00)
The maker of snowmobiles and other recreational vehicles has romped its way back into split territory. It last split its shares 3:2 back in 1995. We are targeting Polaris' January 30th earnings date as the next probable split announcement event.

STZ - Constellation Brands, Inc. $63.38 (+3.19)
The producer of a wide variety of alcoholic beverages (from Corona to Paul Masson) has broken out of a three-year loose base recently and is achieving new highs. It last split its shares 3:2 back in 1992. It is long overdue for another 3:2 split and we feel its next earnings release date of April 5th is as good a time as any.


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