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STOCK SPLITS > New Candidates Sunday, January 14, 2001

AEOS - American Eagle Outfitters $49.50 (+3.06)
Like other many other clothing retailers, AEOS bottomed out last summer, only to rebound on hopes of a cut in interest rates. The company last split in May of 1999 and has traditionally announced a split at the $40-$50 level. AEOS has enough authorized share to go through with a 2:1 split. Although the companies preferred venue for a split announcement has been BOD meetings, we will look towards the next earnings release scheduled for 02/15 as a likely trigger event for a split. In the mean time, we will keep tuned into the BOD agenda for AEOS.

CCMP - Cabot Microelectronics $69.69 (+16.88)
The maker of chemical slurry for use in polishing integrated circuit devises has been showing strength since bottoming in November. It has now completed a five-month cup formation and is closing in on old 52-week highs. The company has not split in its history, but has plenty of authorized shares to enact a 2:1. We are targeting the next earnings release date of January 29th as a possible trigger event for an announcement.

CVC - Cablevision Systems Corp. $90.00 (+10.69)
Like its name implies, CVC operates cable t.v. systems. The stock notched a new 52-week high on Friday and looks poised to continue its red-hot run. The company has plenty of authorized shares to dole out a 2:1 split and with prices near all time highs, we feel a split is near for this purveyor of entertainment and information. The next earnings release for CVC comes on 02/07 and we will be watching for the stock to continue its show of strength up to this date.

NVR - NVR, Inc. $127.52 (+3.00)
The builder of single and multi-family homes and originator of mortgages has gone parabolic since this last November. The stock has moved up from $80 to the $120 level in less than three months. For this reason, we feel splitsville is near. NVR has not split before but is long overdue at its current price level. We think a 2:1 announcement could come as early as its next earnings release, which is unofficially scheduled for January 24th.


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