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Expected Splits
Sunday, June 17, 2001

                                       Date Expected
Symbol         Company                 To Announce

DPL            DPL Inc.                6/19
AGE            A.G. Edwards            6/20

DPL - DPL Inc. $27.40 (-0.74)

This stock has been pretty choppy recently, but we want to give you a heads-up for DPL's BoD meeting on Tuesday. They like to declare 3:2 splits at around $28, judging from the last three announcements, so stay alert if you like to trade electric service companies. Earnings are due out towards the end of July, which could be the next possible time for a split announcement if we don't get it on the 19th. There are enough authorized shares for a 3:2 dividend.

AGE - A.G. Edwards $44.01 (-2.75)

AGE announced their last 3:2 split in 1997 when the stock was trading at $40. Due to current price levels, we're going to be watching for a possible split announcement from AGE on Wednesday. The Company has a shareholder meeting scheduled for 10 a.m. that day but earnings are expected to be released during the week as well; the exact date has not been given. There are 550M shares authorized with 80M shares outstanding.


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