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Expected Splits
Sunday, March 04, 2001

                                      Date Expected
Symbol         Company                 To Announce

BJ             BJ's Wholesale Club, Inc.  03/06
CHCS           Chico's FAS, Inc.          03/07
GENZ           Genzyme General            03/08

BJ - BJ's Wholesale Club, Inc. $44.90 (+0.20)

BJ's last announced a 2:1 split on 2/4/99 at $43.31. BJ is now well into split territory and we see a possible 2:1 announcement coming with the company's earnings release on 3/6. Authorized shares should not be a problem as the company has 180 million authorized and only 74 million outstanding.

CHCS - Chico's FAS, Inc. $35.75 (-3.50)

This clothing retailer last announced a 2:1 split on 12/14/99 at $42.13. The stock is now knocking on the door of this split level and reports earnings on 3/7. We are anticipating another 2:1 split announcement to accompany earnings.

GENZ - Genzyme General $88.13 (+5.32)

GENZ has not split its stock since 1996. The split price back then was $47.25, obviously much lower than current prices. Given that GENZ is just $14 away from its all-time high, we believe a 2:1 split may be in the cards for Genzyme. Its earnings release date of 3/8 would be a perfect time to ask for and reward investors with additional shares.


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