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Expected Splits
Sunday, February 11, 2001

                                      Date Expected
Symbol         Company                 To Announce

JNC            John Nuveen Company        02/12
EXPD           Expeditors Int'l           02/13
JEC            Jacobs Engineering Grp.    02/13
APPB           Applebees Int'l, Inc.      02/14
CVC            Cablevision Systems        02/14
UHS            Universal Healthcare       02/16  

JNC - John Nuveen Company $57.01 (+1.10)

The marketing and managing specialist has never split its shares, but due to its recent surge we feel it may be time. The company has plenty of authorized shares for a 2:1 split. We are keeping our eye on the February twelfth BoD meeting as a likely time for a split announcement.

EXPD - Expeditors Int'l $55.50 (-1.00)

This logistics management and transportations solutions company has a history of splitting its shares 2:1 at around the $60 level. It has plenty of authorized shares to enact the next split, which we feel could come at the company's next earnings release on February thirteenth.

JEC - Jacobs Engineering Group $52.20 (+1.44)

JEC just notched an all-time high on Friday. It is riding the same wave that is lifting all the homebuilding stocks, only JEC's clients are the homebuilders themselves. The company has not split its shares since 1991. It is back into split territory, and our target for an announcement is its SEC filing date of February thirteenth.

APPB - Applebees Int'l, Inc. $34.00 (+1.94)

APPB has not split its shares since 1994, when it rewarded shareholders with a 3:2 split. It is back into split territory, and its February fourteenth earnings release date would be a good time for the restaurateur to serve up another 3:2 split.

CVC - Cablevision Systems $85.29 (+2.09)

Cablevision (a current play of Splittrader's) is right back into split territory after splitting its shares 2:1 TWICE in 1998. The company has enough authorized shares to go through with another 2:1 and we feel that it could dole out a 2:1 Valentine's Day treat in conjunction with its earnings report.

UHS - Universal Healthcare $88.02 (+5.17)

Another current play of Splittrader, UHS last split its shares 2:1 on 5/17/96 at $56.38/share. Since then the stock has almost tripled and is at a level that certainly justifies another split. It reports earnings on February sixteenth. We are looking towards this event as the next probable time to announce a 3:2 split.


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