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Expected Splits
Sunday, February 04, 2001

                                        Date Expected
Symbol         Company                 To Announce

ASD            American Standard Cos.     02/06
FRNT           Frontier Airlines, Inc.    02/06
ESRX           Express Scripts, Inc.      02/07
STJ            St. Jude Medical, Inc.     02/07
CEFT           Concord EFS, Inc.          02/08
RKY            Adolph Coors Company       02/08
SDS            SunGard Data Systems       02/08

ASD - American Standard Cos. $52.41 (+2.41)

The maker of bath and kitchen fittings and air-conditioning units has never split its shares, but due to its recent surge we feel it may be time. The company has plenty of authorized shares for a 2:1 split. We are keeping our eye on the February sixth earnings release as a likely time for a split announcement.

FRNT - Frontier Airlines, Inc $34.50 (+1.87)

This Denver based airline has never split its shares before but due to the fact that its competitors (Southwest Airlines, NYSE:LUV) just announced a split, we feel FRNT is next in line. The company has enough shares for a 2:1, but may choose to enact a 3:2 instead. We are targeting the company's earnings release date of February sixth as a good time to announce a split.

ESRX - Express Scripts, Inc. $95.13 (-1.75)

As a former Splittrader candidate play, we like the stock and are looking ahead to February seventh's earnings announcement as a likely time for a 2:1 split announcement. The company last announced a split on 10/12/98 at $82, so we are well into split territory.

STJ - St. Jude Medical, Inc. $62.55 (+3.18)

STJ is another stock that is currently trading above historic split-levels. The company last enacted a 3:2 split in 1995 at $58.13. The company has enough authorized shares to enact a 2:1, but going along with the last split, we are anticipating a 3:2 announcement on February seventh along with the company's earnings release.

CEFT - Concord EFS, Inc. $42.75 (+0.81)

CEFT has a long split history of announcing a 3:2 at a BoD meeting when the stock approaches $30. Although there is no BoD meeting in sight for CEFT, we are well into split territory and the company reports earnings on February eighth.

RKY - Adolph Coors Company $68.84 (+4.09)

The giant beer maker has lost much of its fizz recently, but it is still within industry split-levels. The company doesn't have a split history, but reports earnings on February eighth, a good time to announce a 2:1 split.

SDS - SunGard Data Systems, Inc. $48.51 (-1.36)

We like the odds of SDS announcing earnings with its next earnings report, scheduled for February eighth. The stock last announced a 2:1 split on 9/22/97 at $48.94, so we are right back to split territory.


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