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Expected Splits
Sunday, January 28, 2001

                                        Date Expected
Symbol         Company                 To Announce

CCMP           Cabot Microelectronics     01/29
LLL            L-3 Communications Hldgs.  01/29
CAH            Cardinal Health, Inc.      01/30
APA            Apache Corporation         02/01
OAT            Quaker Oats Company        02/01
ACS            Affiliated Computer Svcs.  02/01
COLM           Columbia Sportswear Co.    02/01

CCMP - Cabot Microelectronics $66.13 (+3.13)

CCMP has never announced a split before but we added it to our split candidates list just two weeks ago, due to its recent move to new highs. We expect a 2:1 split announcement to come from the company when they report earnings on January 29th.

LLL - L-3 Communications Holdings $76.69 (+3.63)

Another high-flyer that has never split its shares, LLL has recently reached price levels that have triggered splits from some of its competitors. We are expecting the company to announce a 2:1 split in conjunction with its earnings release scheduled for January 29th.

CAH - Cardinal Health, Inc. $99.69 (+5.94)

Cardinal shares have been perched at the $90-$100 level since October of last year. The company has a history of splitting at the $100 level, as the last split came at $94.13 on 10/20/98. We are expecting a 3:2 announcement to coincide with the company's earnings release on January 30th.

APA - Apache Corporation $61.94 (+1.75)

APA is a bit of a wildcard to report a 2:1 split with earnings on February 1st. The company is off its highs and does not have a split history. It would also need to ask the board to authorize more shares to get a split through but this is not out of the ordinary.

OAT - Quaker Oats Company $94.13 (+0.56)

Quaker has not split since 1995, but is well into split territory. The cereal giant has plenty of authorized shares to enact a 2:1 split. We are looking forward to February 1st's earnings release as a likely time for a split announcement.

ACS - Affiliated Computer Services $62.94 (+4.56)

This new Current Play of Splittrader's will have a board of directors meeting on February 1st. Given that the stock last split at the $60 level back in 1996, we feel that this meeting could be a good chance for the board to reward shareholders with a 2:1 split.

COLM - Columbia Sportswear Co. $53.88 (+4.63)

The maker of active wear has breached the $50 mark and has been moving towards new highs at the $60 level. We like the way the stock has steadily marched higher this year and feel a 2:1 split is warranted. We are targeting February 1st as a likely date for the company to announce.


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