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PLAY >New Drops Thursday, May 31, 2001
New Split Drops   New Candidate Drops   New Momentum Drops
(We update our stop losses daily at the CURRENT PLAYS page.)

New Split Drops

APPB - Applebee's $439.78 -3.32 (-3.94)

APPB was indirectly hit by the announcement out of CEC Entertainment (NYSE:CEC) Wednesday night that they would not meet their earnings target for the year. As a result of CEC's (Chuck E. Cheese) woes, restaurant and soft drink stocks traded much lower on the day. Our stop at $40.50 was triggered in the downdraft, so we exit APPB with a loss today.

Picked on May 16th @ $62.00   
Profit/Loss -3.42 (-8%) (Stopped Thursday @ $40.50)
Best Profit +2.24 (5%)
Interactive Chart Quote News First Call on APPB

PKI - PerkinElmer $69.03 +2.02 (-3.36)

PerkinElmer, which is in several high technology businesses, was negatively affected by Sun Microsystems' (NASDAQ:SUNW) pre-earnings release yesterday. The stock dropped to our suggested stop of $67.00 on Wednesday. It appears that PKI has found support right at $67.00 over the past two trading sessions. Those of you who opted not to follow our suggested stop should remember that PKI's 2:1 split is payable tomorrow.

Picked on May 17th @ $70.12
Profit/Loss -3.12 (4%) (Stopped Wednesday @ $67.00)
Best Profit +6.16 (9%)
Interactive Chart Quote News First Call on PKI

New Candidate Drops


New Momentum Drops

SCH - The Charles Schwab Corp $18.80 +0.15 (-2.00)

The mild follow through to yesterday's weak market action during today's first hour of trading knocked SCH just below our suggested stop. The subsequent recovery does suggest that SCH has found some support near its 50-DMA of $18.44. Momentum players might still be interested in trying to trade SCH to the long side if it can cross above the $21.59 resistance. SCH was probably negatively affected by a downgrade from Bear Stearns. The Schwab competitor lowered its rating of SCH to "attractive" from "buy".

Picked on May 22nd @ $21.18
Profit/Loss -2.68 (13%) (Stopped Thursday @ $18.50)
Best Profit +0.04  (0%)
Interactive Chart Quote News First Call on SCH

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