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PLAY >New Drops Tuesday, May 22, 2001
New Split Drops   New Candidate Drops   New Momentum Drops
(We update our stop losses daily at the CURRENT PLAYS page.)

New Split Drops


New Candidate Drops

TTC - Toro Company $44.70 -1.30 (-1.15)

TTC dropped through the bottom of its base and eventually found support just slightly below its 50-DMA of $44.91. Nevertheless, the drop was just enough to trigger our stop at $44.88. TTC will be reporting earnings tomorrow morning; therefore we would have been exiting this play at the close regardless of the intraday stop.

Picked April 29th @ $46.25
Profit/Loss -1.37 (3%) (Stopped Tuesday @ $44.88)
Best Profit +1.75 (4%)
Interactive Chart Quote News First Call on TTC

New Momentum Drops

DCI - Donaldson Company $31.63 +0.01 (+0.86)

We saw only a modest advance during the short duration of this play. Obviously, this result is better than the alternative. Our exit from this play was precipitated by the company's earnings announcement after today's close. For the record, DCI reported profits of $0.39 a share, which was a penny better than last year's results for the same quarter. The company also said that it is instituting a hiring freeze in order to combat rising costs during these challenging times in the global economy.

Picked on May 17th @ $30.04
Profit/Loss +1.59 (5%) (Stopped Tuesday @ $31.63, earnings)
Best Profit +1.76 (6%)
Interactive Chart Quote News First Call on DCI

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