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Email Version, Section 1, Wednesday, 10/04/2000
The Newsletter        Wednesday 10/04/00 1 of 1
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Market Commentary - Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
Definition of the Day
Wednesday's Split Announcements - None
Thursday's Expirations
Thursday's Play-of-the-Day - DY


Market Commentary

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Is this a bottom or just one more bounce?  Give us your final
answer, and if it is right you could win a million bucks, get
it wrong and you wind up missing out on the big money.

The market started out again to the down side today, as it has
so often over the past six weeks.  Still suffering from the
impact of the bombing in the wake of the cryptic Federal
Reserve meeting yesterday, the futures this morning looked
down.  The NASDAQ Composite Index (COMPX) complied with ease,
dropping down to 3,382.53, a cool drop of 73.3 points and
penetrating the 3,400 support within an hour of the open.
From there, the COMPX played catch-up, getting as high as
3532.43 before settling at 3,523.10 with a 67.27 gain on 2
billion shares exchanged.

Meanwhile, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (INDU) took a few
minutes of pause and then climbed above 10,800 to 10,825 for a
gain of 106 while the COMPX was bottoming.  From there the
INDU drift lower and at the close added 64.74 to 10,784.48.
NYSE traded nearly 1.2 billion.

Decliners beat advances on the NYSE by a 15 to 12 margin and
by a 21 to 18 margin on the NASDAQ.  However, there was more
buying than selling, as the up volume beat down volume on the
NYSE 59 to 55 and on the NASDAQ 12 to 9.

The morning looked bleak after Knight Trading (formerly
Trimark) (NITE) warned that it would miss estimates due to the
problems with the NASDAQ and its expansion overseas. NITE
gapped down almost $8, or 23%, to $24.75 at the open.  It
closed at $28.50, a drop of $3.69.

Oracle (ORCL) was still weighing on traders from yesterday's
$10 drop and added another $9 on the down side just after the
open.  Yesterday, ORCL had a meeting with analysts and they
were not impressed.  One analyst said he did not like the body
language of the CFO, saying it sent a bad signal.  But ORCL
began recovering and this afternoon the company came out and
said it was on track to meet all there estimates, which took
the stock as high as 70.75.  ORCL was the most active on the
NASDAQ, trading 102 million shares before closing at 68.13,
down $1.37.

Computer Associates (CA) also issued an earnings warning and
rose $3.63 to $28.06.  Analysts figured that the warning was
better than they thought, so they bought to stock.

The book on (AMZN) added another chapter today, as
Robertson Stephens issued a report this morning that under
their current business model AMZN can't make money.  Investors
found it under fiction and bought the stock anyway, sending
the stock up $0.94 to $36.00 on average volume of 7.8 million

Microsoft (MSFT) held down the second most active slot but
continued its slide, hitting a new low at $54.50 on more than
double average daily volume of 68.2 million shares and closed
down $1.13 at $55.43.

Unlike Microsoft, the other NASDAQ generals, Intel (INTC) and
Cisco (CSCO), both rose after recent down trends.

Over on the NYSE the cyclicals and fundamental stocks took off
to extend their rally off multi-year lows, as oil companies
fell on a drop in oil prices.  Dupont closed up $1.00 to
$45.38 on almost double average daily volume (ADV).
Meanwhile, Proctor & Gamble (PG) gained $1.43 to $70.25,
Boeing (BA) gained $1.25 to $61.13 and Home Depot gained $1.75
to 55.56 all on higher volume.

After the close, Dell warned that it will meet estimates, but
overall sales may be slower.  At market close the stock was at
a closing low and intra-day hit a new low of $26.31.  During
the day Dell traded 55.5 million shares.

Also after the bell, Harmonic (HLIT) warned of lower earnings
and dropped $8 in after-hours trading.  The box makers were
already dissected after the Apple Computer (AAPL) warning last
week, so Dell may not have a big impact, but HLIT is in the
Optical sector and this may have impact on that highflying

Pitney-Bowes (PBI) copied XRX tonight and issued a warning
saying it would miss earnings by about 3 cents.  PBI was
already hammered in the wake of the XRX warning.

The market learned today that more people said "Pepsi please,"
as its earnings beat estimates by $0.02, coming in at $.82.
Last year's take was $0.59 per share.  Still, the joy-of-cola
lost $0.88 to $45.13 on the day.

After the market closed Micron Technology (MU) reported
blowout earnings of $1.20 compared to analysts estimate of
$0.96.  The stock moved up $5 from a close of S43.06 to $48
and change.  That may mitigate some of the impact from Dell
for at least the semiconductor sector.

The 30-yr bond traded in a narrow range, closing at its low
for the day with a yield of 5.947%.  Oil prices dropped.  The
Euro has climbed off its low, but still is worth only $0.87.

How much farther down can the market go?  Some traders and
analysts see the market as greatly oversold.  The problem is
that most days the market has opened up and then slowly eroded
during the day, ending with a flush that makes it difficult to
trade.  This hasn't given the market the purge of seller's it
needs to find a bottom.  On the other hand, how much farther
down does it need to go?  The reason the market dropped and
failed to rise as the FED tightened interest rates was in
expectation of the slowing we are now seeing.  With that drop
and the latest drops we've had accompanying the actual news of
the effects, when does the news get fully discounted?

Apparently, the belief that the Fed would change its stance to
a "neutral" bias was widely expected and a big disappointment
yesterday when it didn't happen.  The effects of the rate
hikes are only now beginning to impact the economy with
slowdowns in retail sales, home construction and borrowing.
Normally, the market anticipates events and these events were
already anticipated.  Investors will be looking for some sign
of easing so that anticipation of new growth can start an up

Investor sentiment is negative.  Many believe that once actual
earnings begin to be released and they show upside surprises
the market will turn.  October is also the month the markets
usually bottom and new up trends begin.  Money is waiting on
the sidelines to jump in and has been coming in selectively.

Earnings season begins in earnest next week and we will soon
learn where the bottom is.

Maris Eshleman
Research Analyst

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I am writing this note to compliment you and your staff on the
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Definition of the Day

Breakaway Gap

Breakaway gaps usually occur upon the completion of an organized
price pattern. A breakaway gap may be best defined as a release of
pent up buying or selling pressure.

For the complete definition, please go to:

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Thursday's Play-of-the-Day

Wednesday, October 4, 2000

DY - Dycom Industries $39.31 -0.13 (-2.32)

Tuesday's Comment:

Dycom is a leading contributor to the communications
infrastructure-building boom.  They provide engineering,
construction and maintenance services to telecommunications
providers.  They also concentrate on the cable business.
These activities are quite profitable for Dycom and the
Company has posted consistently solid results for years.  So
why is the stock dropping?  Good question.  We suspect that
pending recession fears could be the main culprit.  If we do
indeed suffer a recession, big capital investment projects are
likely to be scaled back.  Whatever the reason, the fact
remains that Dycom sports a relatively nasty little chart.  We
are only too happy to let this trend be our friend. Dycom has
been in freefall ever since the 200-DMA failed to provide
support last week.  The 200-DMA currently stands at $44.66.
Volume is starting to increase during this down-phase, which
is confirmation that the sentiment is becoming increasingly
negative.  The MACD is also accelerating on its decent.  The
RSI is now indicating that DY is oversold, so we may see a
quick bounce.  Longer term, Dycom may just trend lower because
the Money Flow and OBV are both looking pretty ugly.  We are
maintaining our stop at $45.00 and you may wish to check out
our In Play section to get our trailing stop suggestion.

Wednesday's Update:

Dycom hovered around breakeven for most of the day today.  The
occasional foray into the green was met with eager sellers.
This was positive action for us today; as we are short this
stock.  Remember that shorting can be much more difficult than
going long a stock, so this is not for the faint of heart.
The market is less efficient on the short side, so be true to
your buy stops.  That out of the way, the price movement on DY
is encouraging to shorts.  The telecommunications sector
did fairly well today, essentially rebounding from a spate of
big down days.  With this, the buying in the sector should
have buoyed DY.  As this did not happen, we feel more
confident of the recent down trend.  Also, Dycom just broke
through the last bit of support at $40.00 on volume of over
700,000 shares (well over the average volume of 300,000).  The
next level of support is down at $35.00 where the stock gapped
up last February.  If the negative sentiment prevails in the
NASDAQ and the telecomm sector, we may have more room to run
on the down side in DY.  This being said, DY is now heavily
oversold according to the stochastics, so we may get a near
term bounce off of our current levels.  If these bounces come
on light volume and are not of significant size, they may make
good entry points for new short positions.  DY has been on a
sustained down trend for a month now, so again, no cheating on
those stops.

Picked on September 29th @ $41.63
Change since picked -2.32


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securities presented. All investors should consult a qualified
professional before trading in any security. The information
provided has been obtained from sources deemed reliable but is
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