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Email Version, Section 1, Sunday, 06/04/2000

The Newsletter         Sunday 06/04/2000 1 of 1 
Copyright 2000, All rights reserved.  
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In This Newsletter:

Market Commentary - What Will They Do For an Encore?
Definition of the Day
Friday's Split Announcements - KG and IWOV
Sector Watch - Breakdown by sector of market performance. 
Event Calendar - Next Week's Economic reports 
Editorial - American and Northwest in Talks?
Monday's Expirations 
Split Play-of-the-Day - VSH
Split Plays - New - Updates - Drops

In the past two weeks, has added several 
enhancements to the site. We continue this weekend with the 
addition of our SEC Filings Calendar.  Next week, look for 
Monday's "Ask the Analyst" debut, to be followed by the 
introduction of our FAQ page.  

For now, check out the new SEC Filing Calendar at:

Market Commentary

What Will They Do For an Encore?

We have just completed the best one-week rally in the history of 
the NASDAQ and it was a holiday-shortened week!  Remember panic 
selling?  Now we have panic buying.  In last week's Market Wrap, I 
figured we would see a decent rally followed by a nervous pullback 
before the employment numbers were released.  Don't kid yourself.  
Somebody knew the numbers would be benign and the rumor must have 
spread among the trading community.  That is the only way to 
account for Thursday's strength.  Unemployment came in at an 
"unexpected" 4.1%, which was an actual increase of 0.2% over last 
month's 30-year record low of 3.9%.  After 6 rate hikes, the 
market participants are betting that the Fed will have to review 
their hawkish stance and perhaps only raise rates one more time by 
a quarter point at the June 27th-28th meeting.  The other key 
report that came out on Friday was average hourly earnings, which 
rose a less than expected .1 percent to $13.65.  The markets had 
priced in a 0.4% increase.

OK, let's step back for a minute and look at the big picture.  Fed 
rates are at their highest level in almost a decade.  But there 
are several reasons why the Fed has been raising rates.  Although 
unemployment rose we are still pretty close to full employment, 
meaning that anybody who wants a job can still, in most 
circumstances, get a job.  Inflation has been held down by the 
incredible efficiencies afforded by the technological revolution.  
That said, Greenspan is still as fearful of inflation as those 
teenage girls running around in Scream.  But there could be a 
couple of unspoken influences upon Greenspan and company.   
Certainly the Fed Chief has been happy to see the speculative 
bubble burst.  Buying non-profitable stocks at unimaginable prices 
is not your Grandfather's way to save for retirement.  Higher 
rates mean more attractive yields in more stable investments such 
as CD's, Treasuries and Money Markets.  We also have to remember 
that the first couple of rate hikes were simply a correction of 
the extra cuts that occurred two years ago to "save" the Asian 
economy. In my humble opinion, we are probably still looking at 
one, if not two more rate hikes.  But it is anybody's guess, so 
the best course of action is probably to remain cautious.

The numbers are simply astounding, despite becoming somewhat jaded 
by the percentage moves we have seen these past 6 months.  The 
NASDAQ gained 19% for the week, leaving it down 6.3% for the year 
and down nearly 25% from the March 10th high.  The Index closed at 
3813.38, up nearly 231 points for the day and just over 608 points 
for the week.  Naturally, the rally was led by technology shares.  
The survivors and the has-beens are being separated.  Among the 
survivors (with the amounts up from their recent lows); CSCO up 
14.38, JDSU up 36.69, JNPR up 74.50, INTC up 24.69, YHOO up 23.50 
and AMAT up 24.75.  These are just a few of the incredible bounces 
we have seen and yet most of them are still well off their highs.  
The one sector that is still the strongest is the semiconductors.  
On Friday, volume was very solid at 1.85 billion and advancers 
beat decliners 31 to 10.

The DOW staged a rally that was also impressive.  For the week the 
DOW was up 496 points or 4.8%.  On Friday the Dow was up 143 
points.  Again, technology shares led the way with some help from 
the financials.  Hewlett-Packard (HWP) was a big winner, up 7 1/8 
to $142.06 as it spun off its remaining Agilent (A) shares.  IBM 
tacked on 2 7/16 and LU gained 3 dollars to $63.13.  Other solid 
gainers on the NYSE were AOL up 4 1/16, EMC up 8 1/8, GLW up 13 
15/16 and A gained 8 1/2.  Among the financials, GS increased 10 
1/2 points, C rallied almost 3 points and JPM tacked on 6 7/8 
points.  Volume was a vastly improved 1.12 billion.  Volume was 
surprisingly strong all the way into the close.  Breadth was very 
solid as advancers defeated decliners 22 to 9.

There were broad based gains across many of the most closely 
watched indices.  Semiconductors (SOX) gained 8.48% to 1157.75.  
For the week, the SOX was up an awesome 248 points as it smashed 
through the 1000 resistance level to close at 1157.75.  
Biotechnology (BTK) stocks also saw some nice gains.  The Index 
gained 8.35% and closed at 536. For the week, the BTK gained just 
over 100 points or an awesome 23%. Banks (BKX) added a solid 40.52 
points to 892.59, which was a gain of 4.76% for the day.  For the 
week, Banks were up 85.84 points or 10.6%.  On the downside were 
the Pharmaceuticals (DRG), posting a loss of 12.76 to 375.53.  The 
Oil and Gas Index (XOI) also suffered a loss, falling 15.24 to 

The employment data also sparked a rally over in the bond pits.  
The 10-year note gained over a point in the early going only to 
fall back, finishing up 7/32's with a yield of 6.16%.  The 30-year 
bond also jumped early only to fall back and close up 6/32's with 
a yield of 5.93%.

One of the most interesting, if not a bit fanciful, stories on 
Friday was the rumor that British Columbia had offered incentives 
to Microsoft to move their operations about 100 miles north to 
presumably avoid their current legal travails with the Department 
of Justice.  Both sides of this supposed proposal deny any talks 
are taking place but it certainly would be an unprecedented event 
if it were to happen.  Maybe MSFT executives are nostalgic for the 
draft dodging days of yore.  MSFT rallied a relatively modest 1.75 
points to close at $66.31.

Shares of Northwest Airlines (NWAC) took flight again as 
speculators try and get the jump on the possibility that American 
Airlines (AMR) may make a bid for the Company in response to 
United Airlines previously announced offer for US Air (U).  
Takeovers are usually announced over the weekend, so look for NWAC 
to pull back if a deal is not announced on Monday.  NWAC was up 
6.38 to $35.44.

IBM announced a broad based alliance with eight different Internet 
service companies.  The deal calls for each of the members of the 
so-called Pervasive Computing Alliance to use IBM's wireless 
software for at least half of each of the member's future wireless 
offerings.  The deal is somewhat of a coup for IBM as it makes its 
mark in what should be a fast growing sector for years to come.  
The publicly traded members of the alliance all rallied on Friday 
and they are; Razorfish (RAZF), (ACOM), Rare Medium 
Group (RRRR), Organic Inc (OGNC), Luminant Worldwide (LUMT), US 
Interactive (USIT) and Answerthink Consulting (ANSR).

The upcoming economic calendar is somewhat light but look for the 
markets to jump all over any reports that even hint at a slowdown 
in the economy.  Tuesday: Wholesale inventories. Wednesday: 
Consumer credit. Thursday: Initial jobless claims. Friday: The 
biggest report of the week, the PPI.  

There are a few stragglers coming in with earnings this week.  
Monday: Bob Evans (BOBE). Tuesday: Stewart Enterprises (STEI). 
Wednesday: Quicksilver (ZQK), Smithfield Foods (SFD), 4Front 
Technologies (FFTI), Health Management Systems (HMSY) and Tech 
Data (TECD). Thursday: National Semiconductor (NSM). Friday: 
Steelcase (SCS).

Looking ahead

Look for some continuation of last week's momentum in the early 
going next week.  Most of the weekend pundits are talking about 
bottoms being secure and some are calling for the all out 
resumption of the bull market.  

Granted, some of the interest rate concerns that have knocked the 
market down are being alleviated.  But remember the other reasons 
why stocks are down; valuation concerns and competition from 
interest bearing investments.  Many traders are still in healing 
mode and it appears unlikely that they will be leveraging their 
margin accounts any time soon.  

If you step back and look at the bigger technical picture, we are 
still firmly in a trading range and we are pretty close to the top 
of that range.  The NASDAQ is bounded on the upside by the May 1st 
high of 3982.38, which makes the round number of 4000 pretty solid 

The MACD is still negative but it did cross over, triggering a buy 
signal last week.  This important indicator has leveled off, which 
confirms that the downtrend is probably behind us but there is 
still some significant work to do before we can say we are back in 
a bull market.  

The RSI has plenty of room before being overbought, which helps to 
confirm the theory that we will test 4000 next week.  If we close 
above 4000 and stay there for a couple of days on good volume, 
then the picture turns more bullish.  

The trading range on the DOW is also very well defined between 
11,265 and 10,150.  Therefore, there is some room to the upside 
but do not be surprised if there is a healthy round of profit 

Good Luck! And may all of your trades be winning ones!

Jim Booth



The Regional Technical Analysis and Option Seminar was 
held in Houston this week and the results were outstanding. 
The following are some of the comments from attendees:

"I would absolutely recommend this seminar to others!
I only regret I did not know about your newsletter and
seminars earlier!" Kathy R.

"The seminar exceeded my expectations. Chris is truly
an exceptional speaker. I enjoyed Steve's knowledge and
Renee's presentation on Qcharts as well. I plan on
returning to another in the fall!" B. Smith

"It was great, they exceeded my expectations! I learned
so much and fine tuned what I thought I knew already."
Debbie Z.

"The delivery of complicated information was clear and
precise. This made it easy to understand and apply. The
speakers were patient with questions the seminar
encouraged more confidence in me." Maxine A.

The next seminar is in Los Angeles and we still have 
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Definition of the Day

Retail House

A "Retail House" is a brokerage firm that tailors its business to 
retail investors rather than institutional investors.

For the complete definition, please go to:

Friday's Split Announcements 

Friday, June 02, 2000, Before the Bell

The King Declares a 3-for-2 Stock Split

King Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NYSE: KG) announced today, before the 
opening bell, that the Company's Board of Directors declared a 
three-for-two stock split of its common shares. The payable date 
will be June 21 for shareholders of record at the close of the 
market on June 12, 2000. KG currently has 150 million authorized 
shares with 59.7 million shares outstanding; enough for a 3:2 
split, however, shareholders will be voting to increase the 
number of authorized shares to 300 million at the Annual Meeting 
on June 23, 2000.

For the complete announcement, please go to:


Friday, June 2, 2000, During Trading

Software Company, Interwoven, Sets Its First Stock Split

The Board of Directors of Interwoven, Inc. (Nasdaq:IWOV) 
announced before today's opening bell, a two-for-one stock split 
of its common shares. Shareholders of record on June 22, 2000 
will receive additional shares on or about July 13. Currently, 
IWOV has 24.1 million shares outstanding, with 100 million shares 
authorized and a trading float of 12.5 million. This will be the 
first stock split for the Company since it began trading publicly 
in October of 1999.

For the complete announcement, please go to:

Sector Watch

As of Market Close - Friday, June 2, 2000 

                   Key Benchmarks
Broad Market       Bearish/Bullish  Last    Posture/Since  Alert

DOW Industrials   10,200  11,400  10,794    Neutral   5.05
SPX S&P 500        1,350   1,500   1,477    Neutral   5.30  
OEX S&P 100          725     800     793    Neutral   5.30 
RUT Russell 2000     450     550     513    Neutral   5.05    
NDX NASD 100       3,000   4,000   3,756    Neutral   5.30 
MSH High Tech        800   1,000   1,012    BULLISH   6.02  ** 

XCI Hardware       1,250   1,600   1,484    Neutral   5.30 
CWX Software       1,050   1,300   1,312    BULLISH   6.02  ** 
SOX Semiconductor    850   1,200   1,158    Neutral   5.30 
NWX Networking       900   1,100   1,134    BULLISH   6.02  **
INX Internet         500     800     633    Neutral   5.30 

BIX Banking          530     600     643    BULLISH   6.01   
XBD Brokerage        400     500     495    Neutral   5.05    
IUX Insurance        540     620     654    BULLISH   5.16

RLX Retail           850   1,000     915    Neutral   6.02  **    
DRG Drug             355     400     376    Neutral   4.28    
HCX Healthcare       710     800     764    Neutral   4.28    
XAL Airline          140     155     165    BULLISH   5.25 
OIX Oil & Gas        265     300     303    BULLISH   5.11  
Sector Watch Alert 
Tame inflation numbers sent investors into a buying spree this 
past week, as the Dow gained +4.9% while the NASDAQ added a 
stunning +19%. Sectors leading the way Friday include Internet 
(+11.21%), Brokerage (+8.73%), and Semiconductors (+8.48%). With 
this most recent action, we have upped Retail to Neutral from 
Bearish. We have also upped Software, Networking, and the Morgan 
Stanley High Tech to Bullish from Neutral.

This section of the investment advisory website highlights's stated Sector Watch across broad market indices 
and industry sectors. is the only website that 
states and regularly updates its Sector Watch across industry 
sectors.  Investors who reference this section first before 
planning their trades will gain a decided advantage. The time 
horizon of our stated Sector Watch is generally 2-3 weeks and is 
based upon a number of fundamental, technical and sentiment 

An important feature to our stated Sector Watch is the key 
benchmark levels. These levels represent important near-term 
support and resistance points. By viewing the sliding bar for 
each index, investors can quickly view the relative strength of 
our position and better anticipate when we are likely to change 
our Sector Watch. These benchmarks are determined using technical 
and sentiment indicators. It's important to realize that our 
Sector Watch may be contrary to the overall trend when compared 
to longer-term moving averages. This is because our stated Sector 
Watch is designed to help investors take positions before others 
see major trend reversals. For each sector, we highlight the index 
symbol, key benchmarks, last level, stated Sector Watch and the 
date we changed our position (since).  

For industry sectors signaling BULLISH, investors may want to 
consider long/call positions. For sectors signaling BEARISH, 
investors may want to explore short/put positions. For sectors 
flashing Neutral, investors may want to develop hedge positions.  
As investors allocate capital, we encourage BULLISH traders to 
pursue industry sectors that are trending higher and trading above 
moving averages and BEARISH traders to pursue sectors trading 
below declining moving averages. Investors can view these moving 
averages over a six-month chart by double clicking on the industry 
indexes links within the matrix.

Event Calendar 

For the week of June 5, 2000


NAPM Services            May    Forecast:   63.0   Previous:   65.0


Productivity - Rev.      Q1     Forecast:   2.4%   Previous:   2.4%
Wholesale Inventories    Apr    Forecast:   0.4%   Previous:   0.7%


Consumer Credit          Apr    Forecast:  $7.5B   Previous:  $9.1B


Initial Claims           06/03  Forecast:  280 K   Previous:  286 K
Export Prices ex-ag.     May    Forecast:    N/A   Previous:  -0.2%
Import Prices ex-oil     May    Forecast:    N/A   Previous:   0.1%               


PPI                      May    Forecast:   0.2%   Previous:  -0.3%
Core PPI                 May    Forecast:   0.1%   Previous:   0.1%

Week of June 12th

06/13 Retail Sales
06/13 Retail Sales ex-auto
06/14 CPI 
06/14 Core CPI
06/14 Business Inventories
06/14 Fed Beige Book
06/15 Initial Claims
06/15 Industrial Production 
06/15 Capacity Utilization
06/15 Philadelphia Fed
06/16 Housing Starts
06/16 Building Permits
06/16 Michigan Sentiment


American and Northwest in Talks?
By Matt Paolucci

According to folks familiar with the situation, AMR Corp.
(AMR), the parent of American Airlines, has approached
Northwest Airlines (NWAC) regarding the possibility of a
merger, though the talks still seem to be in the early stages.

A Northwest-American combo would help Fort Worth,
Texas-based American keep pace with United in terms of size and 
help solidify its weak Asia presence, while increasing
Northwest's footprint in Latin America.

For the complete article, please go to:

Monday's Expirations by Payable Date


===================== Plays

The PLAY LEGEND: Split Run Play Recommendations.

Split Run Play-of-the-Day is our number one split run play 
  recommendation for the following trading day. 
Updates are just that - updates on continuing plays
New plays are brand new for the newsletter.
Drops are closing plays that we feel have lost the advantage.

You will see:
Stock Symbol, Company Name, Closing Price, (change for the week)
Picked at date and Change since picked 

BoD = Board of Directors meeting
ADV = Average Daily Volume
dma = daily moving average

>>at the website, we have comprehensive profiles 
for each stock that we are playing or have played in the past, as 
well as hundreds of others. Please take the time to visit the site 
to view the profile of the stock(s) you wish to learn more about. 


VSH - Vishay Intertechnology $76.75 (+5.25)

Please see details in the Split Run Play Updates section below.  

Picked on May 25th @ $69.19
Change since picked +7.56

Chart =

New Split Run Plays 06/04/00 

CMB - Chase Manhattan Corporation $80.69 (+10.06)

Welcome to Bill and Don's excellent investment! Who are Bill and 
Don? William Harrison and Donald Boudreau, the CEO and Vice 
Chairman of Chase Manhattan Corporation, that's who. Let's just 
say this is one investment you can bank on. Chase Manhattan 
Corporation is a bank holding company that is organized into 
three major businesses: Global Bank, National Consumer Services 
and Global Services. The Company conducts domestic and 
international financial services businesses through various bank 
and nonbank subsidiaries. Now strap in and let's take a ride on 
the money train. Our journey begins on January 1st of this year 
when the stock, which has been channeling between $68-$88 since 
1999, bounced off support and started back up. By March 24th, the 
stock had broken through resistance and had hit a high of $100, 
before joining the broader markets in the recent sell-off. On 
April 17th, the Company reported earnings that beat analysts by 
.04 cents. Unfortunately, the down draft of the market was too 
strong and CMB continued its slide. On May 17th, shareholders 
approved a 3:2 stock split with a scheduled paydate of June 9th. 
This is the bank's second stock split. Then in an unprecedented 
move, CS First Boston issued a "sell" recommendation on the stock 
on May 24th. The stock laughed off the downgrade and has headed 
higher ever since. Most recently, with signs of a slowing economy 
on the horizon, investors who have been acquiring bonds over the 
last few months have been converting them back to cash, 
presumably to reinvest in equities. Technically, CMB appears to 
be in split run mode. On Friday the stock gapped open and closed 
above the 200-dma for the first time since the middle of April. 
The stock now has support at the 200-dma at $79. The next level 
of resistance will be felt at $85 and then heavy resistance at 
$88. Friday's volume of 5.9 million shares surpassed the daily 
average by 20%. Open new positions with a strong bounce off 
support on good volume. Positive momentum in the index (BKX) 
along with the broader markets would enhance this play as well. 
We will have a stop in place at $77.88, just below support.

Picked on June 4th at $80.69
Change since picked 0.00

Chart =

Split Run Play Updates 06/04/00

CPN - Calpine Corporation $111.31 (+10.31)

"I split, therefore I am". My apologies to Rene' Descartes for 
modifying his quote, but hey it works. We are now just 4 trading 
days away from the paydate for the 2:1 split for Calpine 
Corporation. Calpine is a utility stock; they are in the business 
of the development, acquisition, ownership and operation of power 
generation facilities. Fundamentally and technically, CPN is a 
sound company. On May 26th, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter agreed 
with that fact and upgraded the stock to a strong buy from a 
neutral. The stock is ranked in the top 4% of all stocks with 
regard to its Relative Strength. Especially impressive were the 
gains achieved on Friday when clearly the market was more focused 
on big cap and tech stocks. Friday's gains came on less than 
average volume of 706K shares. The final leg of this present 
split run will depend to a large degree on the market's 
continuation of Friday's rally. The stock will next encounter 
resistance at $113 and then a retest of the March high at $123. 
The first level of support is measured at the 20-dma at $105, 
followed by the century mark. The stock has a propensity to sell-
off quickly; so keeping a close watch on this one is advisable. 
In the last 2 weeks the stock has seen a 20% price appreciation 
so investors may be ready to take their profits. We will be 
exiting this play ahead of the paydate per our normal policy or 
if the stock hit our stop at $108.88.  

Picked on May 28th @ $101.00
Change since picked +10.31

Chart =


MTZ - MasTec Inc. $72.31 (+9.75)

We have gone from tech wreck to tech trek and MasTec certainly 
has not been left behind.  MTZ is a huge builder of the 
telecommunications backbone.  They provide just about every 
communications network system available. From wireless to copper, 
the Company designs, builds and implements Internet and other 
computer communications systems for everybody from cable 
television operators to energy corporations.  The Company is also 
a player in the fiber optic cable industry and compares favorably 
on a valuation basis to such stalwarts of the market like JDSU 
and GLW.  As impressive as the 4-day rally has been, MTZ has not 
made any huge technical strides.  The stock is still below the 
50-DMA at just above $77, a good resistance point and volume has 
been a little light.  The stock seems to be rallying more on the 
strength of the market than on its own merits.  There is a 3:2 
split being paid on June 19th, so perhaps that event could spark 
a little more interest.  OBV is still positive but still well off 
its highs.  RSI has rallied nicely after it approached oversold 
levels two weeks ago.  There is plenty of room before the stock 
would be considered overbought.  We will protect our profits by 
raising our stop to $69.88, which is just above the 10-DMA.  If 
the rally continues we will exit this position before the split 
payable date.

Picked on May 25th @ $66.38
Change since picked +5.93

Chart =


VSH - Vishay Intertechnology $76.75 (+5.25)

I think I can, I think I can; like the little train that could, 
Vishay Intertechnology is chugging along into their 26th stock 
split. On Friday the passive electronic manufacturer joined the 
party that was thrown after release of the Employment Report. VSH 
is a worldwide leader in manufacturing and distributing 
resistors, capacitors, diodes and other electronic components. 
Next Thursday, June 8th, is the paydate for the 3:2 stock split 
for VSH. The Mardi Gras like atmosphere on Friday helped VSH to 
appreciate 3 points for the day on better than average volume. To 
put the finishing touches on this split run we need two more 
ingredients. First, the rally needs to continue on Monday with 
similar volume and commitment as we had Friday. Secondly, VSH 
needs to bust through present resistance at the 20-dma just 
overhead at $77.65. The stock now has support at the 10-dma at 
$74.50. If the resistance level can be conquered, then VSH may 
charge the old high at $88.50. After the close, all crystal balls 
were fully charged as market mavens pontificated on the impending 
direction of the market. Since you can't do anything until 
Monday, have an exit strategy in place for VSH and enjoy the rest 
of your weekend. We will exit this play ahead of the paydate per 
our normal policy or if the stock hits our stop at $71.88.

Picked on May 25th @ $69.19
Change since picked +7.56

Chart =

Split Run Play Drops 06/04/00


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The newsletter picks are not to be considered a recommendation 
of any stock but an information resource to aid the investor 
in making an informed decision regarding how to trade stock
splits. It is possible at this or some subsequent date, the 
editors and staff of may own, buy or sell 
securities presented. All investors should consult a qualified 
professional before trading in any security. The information 
provided has been obtained from sources deemed reliable but is 
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staff makes every effort to provide timely information to its 
subscribers but cannot guarantee specific delivery times due 
to factors beyond our control.


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