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Email Version, Section 2, Sunday, 04/23/2000
The Candidate Newsletter Sunday 04/23/2000 1 of 1 
Copyright 2000, All rights reserved.  
Redistribution in any form is strictly prohibited.  

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In This Candidate Newsletter:

New Split Candidates 
Successful Announcement Predictions for the Past Week 
Expected/Likely Announcements for the Coming Week 
Reader's Write
Candidate Play-of-the-Day - AMD
Split Candidate Plays - New - Updates - Drops


New Split Candidates 4/17 - 4/20
================================ strives to be the very best at identifying 
profitable split candidates. Every week we will list those whom 
have made the cut. You can view the details of these new 
candidates by checking out the complete profile for each stock at 
the website. 


DYN            DYNEGY INC  
GM             GENERAL MOTORS  
KEM            KEMET CORP  
MMC            MARSH & MCLENNAN 
MTX            MINERALS TECH  
SPW            SPX CORP  
XOM            EXXON MOBIL

Successful Announcement Predictions for the Past Week

Symbol         Company             Date Announced

AAPL           APPLE COMPUTER       4/19/2000
TXN            TEXAS INSTRUMENTS    4/20/2000

Expected/Likely Announcements for The Coming Week

                                    Date Expected 
Symbol         Company              To Announce*

ADBE           ADOBE SYS            4/26/2000
AGN            ALLERGAN INC         4/26/2000
BRKS           BROOKS AUTOMATN      4/26/2000
CDWC           CDW COMPUTER         4/25/2000
CHV            CHEVRON CORP         4/26/2000
COHR           COHERENT INC         4/25/2000
COHU           COHU INC             4/27/2000
DYN            DYNEGY INC           4/25/2000
GLW            CORNING INC          4/24/2000
LXK            LEXMARK INTL         4/24/2000
MMM            MINNESOTA MINING     4/25/2000
MTZ            MASTEC INC           4/27/2000
PWAV           POWERWAVE            4/26/2000
SPW            SPX CORP             4/25/2000
SSTI           SILICON STORAGE      4/25/2000
TFS            THREE-FIVE SYSTEMS   4/27/2000
WAT            WATERS CORP          4/28/2000

*Date expected to announce is a rough estimate. These days 
corporate management is not exempt from using a split announcement 
to buoy the stock price if negative news (or earnings) is 
affecting their stock price. There is still the uncommon trend of 
a delayed split announcement post-earnings.

Reader's Write

I just wanted to say "Thank You" for the valuable information you
provide through your web site and email updates.  Recently, due 
to several suggestions made by your organization, I was able to 
make some very strong trades and be very profitable.  I find your 
Market Wrap is my absolute favorite source of information about 
the previous trading day and what to expect in the days to 
follow.  I really like the honesty, the accuracy, and the depth 
of research that is put into these reviews.  

Again, thank you very much!  My family and I really appreciate 



Hi Phil,

Thanks for taking the time to contact us.  We are glad to be of 
service and certainly appreciate your feedback.  I can assure you 
and all the readers that we will strive to continue to provide 
information and market insight to the best of our ability.  

Continued success in your trading!


===================== Plays

The PLAY LEGEND: Candidate Play Recommendations.

Candidate Play-of-the-Day is our number one candidate 
  recommendation for the following trading day. 
Updates are just that - updates on continuing plays
New plays are brand new for the newsletter.
Drops are closing plays that we feel have lost the advantage.

You will see:
Stock Symbol, Company Name, Closing Price, (change for the week)
Picked at date and Change since picked 

BoD = Board of Directors meeting
ADV = Average Daily Volume
dma = daily moving average

>>at the website, we have comprehensive profiles 
for each stock that we are playing or have played in the past, as 
well as hundreds of others. Please take the time to visit the site 
to view the profile of the stock(s) you wish to learn more about. 


AMD - Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. $78.25 (+12.00)

Please see details in the Split Candidate Play Updates section 

Picked on April 16th @ $66.00
Change since picked +12.25

Chart =


BRCM - Broadcom $152.50 (+30.25)

Broadcom Corporation is a leading developer of highly integrated 
silicon solutions that enable broadband digital data 
transmission. The Company makes integrated circuits for use in 
broadband equipment such as cable set-top boxes, cable modems, 
digital broadcast satellite products and xDSL equipment. The 
stock is volatile to say the least. BRCM hit an all-time high of 
$253 and has traded as low as $113 within the last month. They 
released their earnings results and beat analysts' estimates on 
Tuesday night, but the stock traded lower on the news in 
Wednesday's session.  On Thursday, BRCM recovered and looks like 
it may make a run into the Annual Shareholder Meeting on 4/27. 
Shareholders will vote on an increase in Class A and Class B 
authorized shares at the meeting and we are looking for a split 
announcement shortly afterwards. As for the stock, support starts 
at $150, then the 5-dma at $143 and stronger at $141. Resistance 
is $155 with heavier resistance at the 10-dma, now at $160. 
Initiate new plays on a move above $155 or a bounce off of $143. 
Open new positions on heavy volume, only in a rising market. Plan 
to exit following the Annual Meeting.

Picked on April 23rd @ $152.50
Change since picked +0.00

Chart =


CPN - Calpine Corporation $85.38 (+10.38)

Grabbing hold of the energy reigns, Calpine (CPN) is initiating 
an aggressive growth campaign, unheard of in the utility sector. 
The company, which develops and operates power generation plants, 
plans to aggressively expand its generating capacity more than 
600% over the next five years! This rapid expansion in energy 
production is already providing solid results. With revenues 
expected to rise 40% and earnings and additional 30% in 2000, the 
stock has once again found itself in split territory. 
Shareholders will be meeting to vote for an increase in the 
number of authorized shares at the company's annual meeting on 
5/18. This provides us an excellent opportunity to recapture lost 
ground ahead of that date.  Currently, the shares have taken a 
break from a 2-year uptrend and look to be getting ready for 
another advance. Having just broken through a five-day 
consolidation at the $80 resistance level, prices now look to be 
heading toward further opposition at the 50-dma ($91.51). If good 
daily volume (800k or better) can accompany price advances 
through resistance, then look to open potential plays. However, 
if more consolidation resumes, then expect good initial support 
(previously resistance) at $80, reinforced by the 5, 10 and 100-
dma's.  Secondary support should be noted at this week's recent 
low of $72.13. We'll plan to hold shares through the annual 
shareholders meeting on 5/18 for a split announcement that may 

Picked on April 23rd @ $85.38
Change since picked 0.00

Chart =


LSCC - Lattice Semiconductor $62.94 (+9.15)

Lattice Semiconductor is a leading provider of high performance 
programmable logic devices (PLDs) and related development system 
software. The Company is the inventor of in-system programmable 
(ISP) PLDs which can be configured by the end customer as 
specific logic functions, enabling shorter design cycle times and 
reduced development costs.  Shares of LSCC have been on a bumpy 
slide from their high of $82.63, set on 3/7. They hit a relative 
low of $51.69 on 4/4, rallied, then fell again. The stock has now 
re-tested its lows and appears to be making a run at its all-time 
high. The Company announced record revenue and earnings on Monday 
after the bell. They beat estimates by three cents and the stock 
reacted positively, trading as high as $67.13 on heavy volume. We 
are now looking for a split announcement out of their Annual 
Shareholder Meeting on May 2nd. At the meeting, the shareholders 
will vote on a proposed increase in the number of authorized 
shares. For now, LSCC has support at $60 (100-dma) with firm 
support at $55. There is resistance at the 20-dma, currently at 
$66 and then $70.  Use a bounce off of $60 or a move above $65 to 
open new positions. Start new plays on heavy volume, only in a 
rising market. We recommend an exit following the Annual Meeting.

Picked on April 23rd @ $62.94
Change since picked +0.00

Chart =


PWAV - Powerwave Technologies Inc. $168.25 (+54.19)

Powerwave Technologies Inc. designs, manufactures and markets 
ultra-linear radio frequency (RF) power amplifiers for the 
wireless communication market. The RF power amplifiers increase 
the signal strength of wireless transmissions while reducing 
interference, or noise. As of late, PWAV has made the news with 
some good announcements. On 3/24, PWAV and Motorola (MOT) entered 
into a 5-year agreement whereby PWAV will supply MOT with base 
station multi-carrier power amplifiers; which in turn will be 
worth $50 million in incremental revenue. Days later it was 
announced that PWAV would be added to Standard & Poor's 400 index 
replacing Linear Technology. PWAV has been given numerous 
upgrades, the latest coming on 4/14 by CIBC World Markets to a 
strong buy rating. No doubt this rating came in response to PWAV 
announcing better than expected earnings with an 85% increase in 
sales from the previous year. The company has an annual meeting 
scheduled for 4/26. At that meeting, they will ask shareholders 
to increase shares from 40 million to 135 million and effect a 3 
for 1 stock split. The split, if approved, will be their first 
since going public in December of 1996. The stock has been on a 
tear this week with better than double volume all week before 
cooling today at 776k shares. The stock closed right at its 
resistance level today, but with light volume across the markets 
it was impressive to see a positive close. We feel further upside 
is coming as we approach Wednesday's meeting. New positions 
should be accompanied with volume returning to better than 1 
million shares. Once immediate resistance is broken, the next 
level to be challenged is the 52-week closing high at $190.00. 
Support is light at $160, $150 then $145.  Our stop is 150. 

Picked on April 23rd @ $168.25
Change since picked 0.00

Chart =


WLA - Warner-Lambert Company $113.44 (+9.44)

Warner-Lambert Company operates in three main segments, 
Confectionery products, Consumer Health Care and Pharmaceuticals. 
Headquartered in Morris, NJ; the company is best known for over-
the-counter products such at Sudafed, Listerine and Lubriderm 
lotion. We initiate coverage of WLA in expectation of a split 
announcement in the near future. The company currently has 867.3 
million shares outstanding and 1.5 Billion authorized. Just shy 
of enough shares for a 2:1 but plenty for a 3:2 or they could 
always ask for more shares. Wednesday, the company announced 
earnings and reported a 35% gain in operating profits, confirming 
a strong trend in pharmaceutical sales throughout the industry. 
The profits even beat consensus estimate by .02 cents and the 
whisper number by.01 cents, coming in at .58 cents per share. 
Analysts at Dain Raucher Wessels liked the numbers enough to tag 
a strong buy rating onto WLA. Technically, the chart is very 
bullish, appearing to have shrugged off the recent market 
gyrations with a modest testing of the 20-dma on 4/14. Since 
then, the trend has been up, with volume increasing daily, until 
today when it cooled to 3.4 million shares which is about 
average. Wednesday, the stock hit a new 52-week high at $115.50 
before closing down slightly at $115.00. News of a split could 
come at any time, though no major meetings are planned in the 
near future. Resistance is now the new high of $115.50 and 
support can be found at the 5-dma at $108.00. Below that, support 
is at the 20-dma at $104.00 and then the 50-dma at $99.00. New 
positions should be accompanied with positive volume and 
confirmed movement in the index. Set stops below $107.00 to limit 

Picked on April 23rd @ $113.44
Change since picked 0.00

Chart =


A - Agilent Technologies $89.94 (+7.25)

Agilent managed to be one of a small number of tech stocks that 
finished positive on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  A great 
bounce up from support near $78 offered solid entry points and 
the buying interest carried over into Thursday.  The stock was 
boosted Tuesday and Wednesday by news that Agilent would provide 
software, training and support for Motorola's next generation of 
PC boards and integrated circuits.  Earnings are in mid-May, so 
an announcement is unlikely soon.  Hewlett-Packard is 
distributing shares of Agilent to HWP shareholders on May 2nd, so 
we may get some selling pressure after that time.  In other 
words, this is a short-term play that will trade on technicals - 
use stops placed under support to protect your profits.  We may 
see more selling pressure in the tech stocks this week, so enter 
new plays only in a rising market.  Resistance is just overhead 
at $90, so wait for a move above if you want to buy.  Otherwise, 
support is at $84 (the 100-dma) then $80.  Our stop is $83.88.  
Picked on April 18th @ $87.00
Change since picked +2.94

Chart =


AMD - Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. $78.25 (+12.00)

Pass the "tweezers" please. If the high of two days is equal, the 
formation is called a Tweezer Top. This is according to the 
charting style known as Japanese Candlestick charting. This too 
is exactly what happened to AMD on both Wednesday and Thursday 
with an intra-day high of $78.94. Even though the sector has been 
reporting good earnings, AMD had been unable to break out to a 
new high above $79.25. Volume has declined quite a bit, but 
today's trading was light across the entire market. AMD announced 
on Wednesday that it is rolling out two new lines of 
microprocessors for notebook computers. The K6-2+ and K6-3+ chips 
have been geared for consumer notebooks which have been a 
particularly successful area as of late. Next week is the 
scheduled shareholders meeting on the 27th and the possible split 
announcement. We would like to see volume increase back near 10 
million shares and a new high achieved for new plays on AMD. The 
stock is currently sitting on the 5-dma, which is serving as near 
term support. Below this level there is support at the 10-dma at 
$72.75. If the stock cannot break out to a new high, it may 
retrace back to lower support levels near $65, as it has done 
twice this month already. Keep stops firmly in place at $72 (just 
under the 10-dma) to protect profits. 

Picked on April 16th @ $66.00
Change since picked +12.25

Chart =


CLRN - Clarent Corporation $53.50 (+2.62)

Clarent Corporation performed with little enthusiasm today, 
retreating with the NASDAQ right from the open. The company, 
which is a leader in Internet Protocol (IP) telephony systems, is 
scheduled to report earnings next week on the 25th. Although CLRN 
entered into an agreement with ATL Networks to widen their 
Enterprise IP Telephony into the UK, it had no effect on the 
stock today as it gave back all of Wednesday's gains. Volume 
lightened by 170K shares below normal, as investors apparently 
were more interested in the long Easter weekend. Next week will 
make this a very short-term play, and we will exit in front of 
Tuesday's earnings, scheduled after the market close. The stock 
is currently sandwiched between its 5-dma (support) and its 10-
dma (resistance). A break above $70.00 on better than 700k shares 
would be a positive indicator.  Support is just below at $50.00.  
Market commentaries today were laced with murmuring of the NASDAQ 
re-testing its recent lows. A new play entered on this stock 
would be considered highly risky. If your risk profile enables 
you to play this stock, we would suggest that you confirm market 
direction beforehand. Holding through earnings should be 
considered very risky too and not part of our philosophy. Expect 
this play to be dropped by Tuesday's close. We will watch for 
developments after earnings if a split announcement is made.

Picked on April 18th @ $56.75
Change since picked -3.25

Chart =


LVLT - Level 3 Communications $83.38 (+10.01)

Level 3 Communications is diverse holding company that is engaged 
in information services, communications and coal mining 
businesses throughout the world. The Company offers systems 
integration services allowing its customers to define, develop 
and implement cost-effective information services. Their 
reengineering services convert legacy software applications into 
modern networked computing environments. The stock was hopping on 
Wednesday, hitting an intra-day high of $88.75 before the NASDAQ 
turned negative. The reversal in momentum pulled LVLT back to 
$85.44 by the closing bell. Shares of LVLT continued to mirror 
the action on the NASDAQ on Thursday, falling $2.06 as the NASDAQ 
extended its slide. The Company has scheduled an Annual 
Shareholder Meeting on 5/22 and we are hoping for a split 
announcement in the near future or following their Shareholder 
Meeting. They already have enough shares for a split so an 
announcement could come at any time. Until then, there is support 
at the 5 & 10-dma, currently at $81 with stronger support at the 
200-dma ($79). Place stops under $79 to limit losses. Resistance 
is now up to $88 (today's high) and then the 20-dma at $92. Look 
for a bounce off of $81 or a move above $88 on strong volume to 
start new plays. Confirm market sentiment and sector direction 
before opening new positions. We recommend an exit shortly after 
the Annual Meeting or in the session following a split 

Picked on April 18th @ $82.50
Change since picked +0.88

Chart =


MXIM - Maxim $59.75 (+9.44)

Maxim Integrated Products makes linear and mixed-signal 
integrated circuits. The Company offers a wide selection of 
products including data converters, interface circuits, 
microprocessor supervisors, operational amplifiers, power 
supplies, multiplexers, switches, battery chargers and voltage 
references. These products are used in a wide variety of 
microprocessor-based electronics equipment, including personal 
computers and computer peripherals, test equipment, hand held 
devices, wireless communicators, broadband networks, satellite 
communications systems and robotics. Shares of MXIM suffered from 
general market weakness as the NASDAQ rally fizzled on Wednesday 
afternoon. The stock fell below its 5-dma of Thursday, hitting an 
intra-day low of $57.13, but it made a comeback late in the day, 
closing the session with a small gain. The Company is expected to 
announce earnings on 4/25 after the bell and we are looking for a 
split announcement to come out with the earnings release. In the 
meantime, there is light support just under Thursday's low at $57 
with stronger support at the 100-dma, now up to $56. Place stops 
under $56 to lock in gains. Some resistance has shown up around 
the 50-dma, at $63 and then $65. Initiate new positions on a 
bounce off of $57 or a move above $63. Start new plays on heavy 
volume, only in a rising market. Look to exit in front of 
earnings on 4/25.

Picked on April 16th @ $50.31
Change since picked +9.44

Chart =


ORCL - Oracle Corporation $70.81 (+7.30)

Along with being the world leader in information management 
software, Oracle is also recognized as one of the top three 
players among business-to-business (B2B) marketplace builders. 
This segment of ORCL should see rapid growth, as global demand 
for e-commerce should reach an epic $7.3 trillion in 2004. Though 
positioned nicely to benefit from e-commerce growth, ORCL shares 
have faired much better than recent weakness in the B2B sector. 
Although slipping through its 50-dma ($74.68), ORCL still managed 
to finish off the week 7.25 points higher. Today's decline was 
weakened by a lack of strong volume (25.1m shares) accompanying 
the move, and is a near-term indication for a lack of sellers. 
However, if further selling continues, then expect the stock to 
find more support at the 100-dma ($62.53), and just lower at $60. 
To limit losses, our stop will be set at just below $60. Look to 
the 50-dma to represent our initial resistance point, with 
healthier resistance at $80, bolstered by the 30-dma ($79.20). 
Wait for a resumption of good volume (35m or better) to accompany 
a break through resistance, prior to opening new positions.  If 
the stock manages to stay above its stop, then we'll plan on 
holding through the shareholders meeting (5/10).

Picked on April 16th @ $63.52
Change since picked +7.29

Chart =


TFS - Three-Five Systems $80.62 (+14.13)

Ok, the 4/27 shareholders meeting is fast approaching, so we hope 
the momentum can continue long enough for us to hold on and catch 
a split announcement.  TFS is trading with relative strength 
after reporting great earnings on April 12th.  In the current 
market environment, traders are looking for companies with solid 
numbers or high market share.  Anything else is highly 
speculative and risky!  The Nasdaq composite may see more selling 
in the coming week, so protect your profits in this play.  $80 
has been established as support now, so you may want to exit if 
the stock moves below $79.  As for new plays, enter on bounces up 
from support or on moves over resistance. Current support levels 
are $80, $70, then $65.  Resistance is at the high of $87.  Enter 
only in a rising market.  Our stop is $69.88.

Picked on April 16th @ $66.50
Change since picked +14.13

Chart =


TIBX - Tibco Software $67.88 (+19.56)

Ah! The warm feeling you get when your stock is moving higher.  
We were feeling great today; in fact, TIBX was the best 
performing stock in the entire market Thursday!  We were 
fortunate to pick up the stock just before the Company announced 
new partnerships with Saturn, Altra Energy and Aether Systems in 
three separate agreements.  In addition, TIBX offers B2B software 
solutions and we have seen a renewed interest in this group of 
stocks after positive earnings from i2Technologies, Inktomi and 
Commerce One.  Since some selling may begin once again in the 
tech stocks, be sure to protect your profits.  You can't lose by 
booking profits.  Set stops just under support, based upon your 
entry point and risk tolerance.  First support comes at $65, then 
$60.  Our stop is $64.00.  We will let our profits run unless 
stopped out. 

Picked on April 18th @ $61.25
Change since picked +6.63

Chart =


VSTR - Voicestream Wireless $100.94 (+10.94)

After our Tuesday writeup, VSTR staged an excellent mid-day rally 
in Wednesday's session.  Unfortunately, the Nasdaq market didn't 
cooperate and we ended up trading slightly lower into Thursday's 
close.  $100 does seem to be offering some support now, albeit 
weak support.  Thursday, rumors circulated that VSTR may soon 
acquire Powertel (PTEL) to gain more market share in the wireless 
arena.  Usually, the price of the acquirer (VSTR) falls on such 
news.  In this case, VSTR did slip 2 bucks, but we can live with 
that.  The Company has never split and is trading well below its 
highs, but is still trading at a likely level for a split 
announcement.  Earnings are approaching on May 8th, so we may get 
a coinciding announcement.  Valuation issues may exist for this 
stock if investors get extremely choosy once again, so play this 
safe.  Only enter in a rising market, on confirmed support levels 
or on moves over resistance.  VSTR does have light support at 
$100, next at the 200-dma at $92, better at $90.  The stock 
actually touched $80 during the worst of the selloff, so we are 
placing a hard stop at $89.  Place your stops at support levels 
to protect current profits.

Picked on April 16th @ $90.00
Change since picked +10.94

Chart =


YHOO - Yahoo! $123.13 (+7.13)

Yahoo! Inc. is a leading Internet media company that provides 
branded Internet programming over an international network of web 
sites. YHOO offers broadcast media, personal communications and 
direct services including online content guides, Web search 
capabilities, aggregated third party content and e-mail. The 
stock was flying on Wednesday morning thanks to America Online's 
earnings announcement. Shares of YHOO traded as high as $134.50 
before market weakness set it, taking the stock back to a close 
of $125.88 on average volume. On Thursday, YHOO was fairly calm, 
trading in a 10-pt range all day. The stock is trying to find a 
base as we move closer to the Annual Shareholders Meeting on 
5/12. The shareholders are voting on a proposal to increase the 
number of authorized shares from 900 million to 5 billion. We are 
looking for a split announcement following the Annual Meeting. 
Going forward, support remains at $120 with additional support at 
$115 and the 4/17 intra-day low of $108. Place stops under $108 
as protection. Resistance is hanging tough at $130, now the 10-
dma, and then just above Wednesday's high at $135. Start new 
plays on a bounce off of $120 or a break above $130. Initiate new 
positions on heavy volume, only in a rising market. We recommend 
an exit following the Annual Meeting in May.

Picked on April 18th @ $126.69
Change since picked -3.57

Chart = 


SDLI - SDL Incorporated $166.94 (+23.94)

Providing a quick run-up this week, SDLI furnished us a 
profitable pre-earnings run that we'd been anticipating. Ahead of 
the earnings announcement, Wednesday's final advance to $162.38, 
helped to cap off a 30% price increase from Monday's open. 
Bullish comments helped to aid this strong advance, as analysts 
guided investors to a stronger than expected earnings performance 
earlier in the week. Near term prospects look good for the 
company and we'll keep you posted on future plays as they 

Picked on April 13th @ $152.25

Profit/Loss = +10.13 (+7%) (Dropped on Wednesday's close)
Best Profit = +13.75 (+9%)

Chart =


VRSN - Verisign, Inc. $118.50 (+20.70) 

Better safe than sorry. We dropped VRSN at Wednesday's close 
before they announced earnings. Once again the uncertainty of 
earnings proved negative even though they beat expectations. 
Versign beat First Call/Thomson Financial by .01 cents but were 
short of the whisper number by .01. So, today despite doubling 
their revenue from a year ago, the stock sold off before making 
an afternoon rally attempt. We stand committed to our philosophy 
not to hold through earnings. We will watch for future 
opportunities with VRSN and advise you accordingly.

Picked on April 13th at $114.69

Profit/Loss = +16.23 (+14%) (Dropped on Wednesday's close)
Best Profit = +26.06 (+23%)

Chart =

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securities presented. All investors should consult a qualified 
professional before trading in any security. The information 
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