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PLAY >New Drops Thursday, February 22, 2001
New Split Drops   New Candidate Drops   New Momentum Drops
(We update our stop losses daily at the CURRENT PLAYS page.)

New Split Drops

AEOS - American Eagle Outfitters $54.50 -2.38 (-4.19)

On Wednesday, in the face of a nasty bout of selling on Wall Street, AEOS hit our stop loss at $57.00. We had hoped to grab a little more profit before the stock splits 3:2 on Friday, but with our stop, we still were able to walk away with some green. We will continue to watch AEOS after the split for other trading opportunities.

Picked on January 30th @ $55.81
Profit/Loss +1.19 (+2%) (Stopped Wednesday @ $57.00)
Best Profit +4.25 (+7%)
Interactive Chart Quote News Zacks on AEOS

AGC - American General Corporation $75.30 +0.20 (-3.59)

Yesterday's bloodletting in the Dow sent AGC shares to our stop level of $74.50. The sell-off, which was accompanied by heavy selling (1,263,400 shares), leads us to believe that the stock might encounter more short-term selling. So, given the magnitude of this decline and the potential for more weakness, we feel that our stop was well positioned.

Picked on February 12th @ $78.68
Profit/Loss = -4.19 (-5%) (Stopped Wednesday @ $74.50)
Best Profit = +0.72 (+1%)
Interactive Chart Quote News Zacks on AGC

KREM - Krispy Kreme Doughnuts $72.56 +2.06 (-1.13)

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts sold off on Wednesday after the company announced that it had acquired Digital Java, Inc., a small Chicago-based coffee company. Shares of KREM fell to an intra-day low of $70, hitting our stops late in the session. Therefore, we are taking our profits and dropping KREM.

Picked on January 25th @ $67.31
Profit/Loss = +3.69 (+5%) (Stopped Wednesday @ $71.00)
Best Profit = +8.44 (+13%)
Interactive Chart Quote News Zacks on KREM

New Candidate Drops

BJS - BJ Services Company $78.10 -1.91 (-1.50)

BJ Services, one of the leading oil service companies, could not hold important support at $79.00. Apparently, investors are once again trying to accumulate cash by selling stocks in their portfolios that have a profit. Today's decline broke a rising trendline that BJS has been enjoying since early December. The stock will most likely have to go through the process of finding support and then consolidating. We will consider trying to add this play again after the share price stabilizes and establishes a renewed up trend.

Picked on February 6th @ $83.18
Profit/Loss -5.18 (19%) (Stopped Thursday @ $78.00)
Best Profit +0.72 ( 1%)
Interactive Chart Quote News Zacks on BJS

JEC - Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. $54.00 +0.80 (-0.13)

Jacobs Engineering Group resumed its downward trend on strong volume during Wednesday's session. The stock traded to an intra-day low of $53.14, violating support at the 10-dma. We were stopped out at $53.50, so we are removing JEC from our Current Plays list.

Picked on February 11th @ $52.20
Profit/Loss = +1.30 (+2%) (Stopped Wednesday @ $53.50)
Best Profit = +4.05 (+8%)
Interactive Chart Quote News Zacks on JEC

LAB - LaBranche & Company Incorporated $46.35 +0.85 (-4.68)

LAB shares have since encountered an onslaught of sellers. Consequently, more selling created an early pullback in the stock that pushed LAB to our stop of $44.50. Although a rebound could take place at any time, we feel that the stock's volatility at the recent top may be an indication of an impending trend reversal.

Picked on February 15th @ $50.55
Profit/Loss = -5.98 (-12%) 
Best Profit = +0.97 (+ 2%)
Interactive Chart Quote News Zacks on LAB

NATI - National Instruments Corporation $49.69 +0.31 (-3.31)

Aided by a Wednesday's swift decline in the NASDAQ Composite Index, NATI shares sold off to hit our stop at $50.50. Although a rebound in technology stocks is sure to come eventually, it's necessary to maintain firm stops as a cautionary step to further declines.

Picked on February 8th @ $55.06
Profit/Loss = -4.56 (-8%) (Stopped Wednesday @ $50.50)
Best Profit = +2.50 (+5%)
Interactive Chart Quote News Zacks on NATI

New Momentum Drops

BDK - Black & Decker Corporation $41.32 -2.67 (-3.73)

Early Thursday, the market again took to selling and our stop loss on BDK was triggered at $43.00. We will keep an eye on BDK for better opportunities in the future.

Picked on February 8th @ $48.70
Profit/Loss -5.70 (-13%) (Stopped Thursday at $43.00)
Best Profit +0.58 (+ 1%)
Interactive Chart Quote News Zacks on BDK

CVS - CVS Corporation $58.37 -1.21 (-3.22)

CVS Corporation gapped down on Wednesday following a strong CPI number. The stock hit an intra-day low of $59.40 before making a small comeback to close at $59.58 on volume of 3.35 million shares. Our stops were triggered at $60, so had to drop CVS on Wednesday.

Picked on February 18th @ $61.59
Profit/Loss = -1.59 (-3%) (Stopped Wednesday @ $60.00)
Best Profit = +2.16 (+4%)
Interactive Chart Quote News Zacks on CVS

UTEK - Ultratech Stepper $38.88 +0.97 (+0.88)

Ultratech's winning streak ended during today's early going. UTEK succumbed to the overwhelming sell pressure that is plaguing the technology stocks. We will be sorry to see this play go because UTEK has been a brilliant diamond in the rough. UTEK's RSI is still signaling an extremely overbought condition. If this indicator pulls back and the stock can consolidate its recent gains, do not be surprised if the stock of this semiconductor equipment company makes it back onto our Current Play list.

Picked on February 1st @ $32.88
Profit/Loss +4.12 (13%) (Stopped Thursday @ $37.00)
Best Profit +6.50 (20%)
Interactive Chart Quote News Zacks on UTEK

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