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PLAY >New Drops Tuesday, January 16, 2001
New Split Drops   New Candidate Drops   New Momentum Drops
(We update our stop losses daily at the CURRENT PLAYS page.)

New Split Drops
TALX - TALX Corporation $47.25 -1.56

Kudos for a profitable run! Because of tomorrow's earnings announcement, we closed out of TALX today with a 24% gain. The impetus behind our profitable run was likely the result of TALX's strong position in the ASP market. Furthermore, TALX's ability to generate strong growth in a tough market environment has continued to keep momentum player coming back for more. We'll keep you posted on future plays as they develop.

Picked on December 17th @ $38.00
Profit/Loss = + 9.25 (+24%) (Stopped Tuesday @ $47.25)
Best Profit = +11.00 (+29%)
Interactive ChartQuoteNewsZacks on TALX

New Candidate Drops
ING - ING Group NV $77.25 -1.69

ING has done very well recently, but it looks like many stocks in the insurance sector may have encountered a near-term top. Today's quick drop at the open, which stopped us out at $77.13, is a good indication that ING may be in for further weakness.

Picked on January 7th @ $82.06
Profit/Loss = -4.81 (-6%) (Stopped Tuesday @ $77.13)
Best Profit = -0.56 (-1%)
Interactive ChartQuoteNewsZacks on ING

New Momentum Drops


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